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Experience We Use Most Days

Rebecca Sponsel  President and Principal Consultant

Rebecca Sponsel

Experience: M&A Operations Manager

Relevance: We had to determine whether the parent company or the acquired company should bend its policies in order to preserve the acquired company’s Best Practices.  This required that we identify and prioritize scores of policy conflicts, and then completely document & adopt both the preserved Best Practice, and the policy exception.

Experience: Making permits and inspections work with apps, screens, and cameras.

Relevance: The 100 year-old process of carrying big roles of blueprints to the City for approval, and then out to the job site for inspection, was sustained by tribal knowledge which took decades to develop for both city employees and building trades.  We had to first extract Generational Knowledge from the master practitioners, and then Capture & Transfer it into the new apps.  And then we had to conduct User Groups to help the master practitioners adopt the new machines.....instead of their prior comfortable, unconscious, manual process.

Experience: Principal Consultant for first generation voice apps

Relevance: Best Practice is voice menus that allow callers to find their way to automated information when appropriate, but also allow the caller to exit quickly, and find the right human, when the automated process won’t work.  Sounds easy now.  But in the first generation it required intense collaboration with clients to identify all the categories of calls and the range of acceptable responses fore each.  

Experience: Writing software and designing apps in general

Relevance: Like all of you we use a lot of apps on a lot of machines.  We get more out of them because we know what’s in them.

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