Case Study: "Silviculture Alternatives for the Pacific Northwest"

Program Type - Ecosystem Optimization

Sponsors - U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Oregon Forest Resources Institute

Circumstance - There are five types of large forest landowners.  Each handles harvest and regeneration in its own unique way – historically working in isolation from the others.  The new imperative to manage forests on a landscape scale (across property lines) means that they all have to collaborate as never before.  

Objective - Enable line managers and individual contributors to understand where the other landowner types are the same, where they’re different, and why.

Lasting Value – This 2017 series is required viewing for new arrivals in all PNW forest types.  The cross-sector understandings from “Silviculture Alternatives” are essential skills for doing the work of managing multi-owner landscapes.  (see "Best Practices" Success Story)

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Business Ecosystem Optimization
Business Ecosystem Optimization
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  • You’re doing a great service. It is important to get the perspectives of the many players involved in forest management. Keep up the good work.

  • Please distribute this video series to WA DNR, WA DOE and UW Forestry School.   This was a very good presentation.

  • Bringing all these different people/perspectives together

  • Diversity of presenters.

  • Hearing the different perspectives from foresters working for different agencies/landowners

  • I like using the web to give access to multiple people and the ability to archive a session and view it again or give others the opportunity to view a session if they weren't able to attend.

  • Great job overall. Please push on your end to have a multi-agency adoption of this webinar to be shown as mandatory training for new hires!

  • It is timely and professional. Presenters are ready and sharp!

  • Great session. Everyone did a very good job and we appreciate all the hard work and time that the presenters put in to make it a success.

  • All of the presenters clearly described their processes and management objectives.

  • Each presenter giving their opinion and/or views on the same topics.

  • How attentive the presenters are when it comes to answering the chat room questions in a timely manner.

  • The diversity of the panels - all types of landowners/educational partners represented. Facilitation is top notch!! All speakers have been very good at keeping within time and interacting positively with each other.

  • Dan Newton's review of how to decide which treatment to apply to their SWO stand.

  • The Foresters were the experts and had a well planned program.

  • I liked the panel presentations

  • The presenters moved briskly and stayed on schedule.

  • Did not get bogged down too much in details

  • Well thought out and presented

  • Great assembly of speakers.

  • The host did a great job of moving the discussion along.

  • Really like the informal nature of sessions with chat on side, allows for some large complex ideas to be easily discussed and questions be flushed out.

  • I liked the organization...moving from what all systems have in common to the specific aspects of each system

  • A good spread of professionals.

  • Diversity of speakers and topics.

  • Perspectives of different land owners

  • Wide diversity of speakers

  • Good overall content.

  • Variety of presenters

  • Cross industry representation

  • Comprehensive, integrated, and illustrated - all very well done

  • How smoothly the transitions between presentations are made given the quick turnaround.

  • Well organized, ran on time.

  • Great video and sound quality

  • Good use of people and slides

  • Good pace and organization

  • Well-organized, good preparation, and excellent moderation

  • Very well organized. Presenters knew their subject matter. Brisk pace; being on time

  • Organization, stuck to time frame

  • No technical difficulties. Seamless transitions between speakers.

  • It's Live.

  • Convenient

  • Really enjoyed the class - first webinar I have attended.

  • I appreciate all the effort that is being put into the series...thank you!

  • Looking forward to the remaining sessions.

  • I thought it was a great session and I'm looking forward to doing this again.

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