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Thanks for looking at our methods and case studies.  If you think we might be helpful there are two big reasons we'd look forward to working with you.  One is about you, the other is about us. 

For You and Your Colleagues

Our programs are designed to advance the ball for all participants: individuals, companies, and constituencies. Participation can be broad and deep.  We help you accomplish results in less time, bandwidth, and dollars than customary methods.  Everybody wins. Smiles all around.

For Us

Delighting customers is big fun.

We also have the privilege of applying our whole-life skill sets every day.

Skip Sponsel

Skip Sponsel  Vice President



User Groups

AT&T, Capgemini, Bell Canada, BP, Capgemini, CDC, Citigroup, Disney, Founder, Halliburton, IBM Research Lab, Indosat, Infosys, Lenovo, MSN, NASDAQ, NEC, PCCW, Radio Shack, SAIC, Satyam, Seneca Sawmill, SFR, Shell. Sprint, TATA, Telia Sonera, UBS, Verizon, Wipro, ZTE

Best Practices & Ecosystem Optimization

Bureau of Land Management, Northwest Food Processors Association, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliances, Oregon Forest Resources Institute, Oregonians for Food & Shelter, State of Oregon, U.S. Forest Service, Washington Friends of Farms & Forests, Water ReUse Association.  

Vice President, The Devonshire Group LLC

President, Emerging Tech Accelerator LLC

Senior Manager, Business Development, Intel Capital

Director of Interactive Products, BellSouth

Director of Marketing, Centigram Communications

Director of Broadcasting, MN Twins & NorthStars

President, Pro Sport America, Inc. 

Competitor, World Pro Ski Tour

Sports Affinity Marketing

American Lung Association, Anheuser Busch, Coors, General Mills, Minnesota NorthStars, Minnesota Twins, Peugeot Motors, US Bank

Rebecca Sponsel  President and Principal Consultant

Rebecca Sponsel



3M, Ameritech, BellSouth, Black & Decker, Cascade Rolling Mill, Centigram, Charlotte Transit, City of Portland, Coweta Power, Detroit Public Schools, Egan Public Schools, Flagstar/Denny's Restaurants, Fujitsu, Global Services Network, Goulter Medical, Humana, Medtox, National City  Bank, NEC, Nortel, Onan/Cummins, Primetime, Rollerblades, Schnitzer Steel, Spectrum Broadcasting, State of Oregon-Oregon Health Authority, State of Oregon-Dept of Human Services, Tennessee Valley Authority, TransComNet, University of Minnesota

President, The Devonshire Group LLC

Project Manager for Digitization of Plans, Permits & Inspections - City of Portland - Bureau of Developmental Services

Director of Quality Assurance, System Test, and User Adoption - State of Oregon - Department of Human Services

Operations Manager for M&A, IBM/Sequent

Voice Information Systems, Principal Consultant


Pre-Event Video Production

Day-of-Event Broadcast

Virtual Ventures

The Devonshire Group LLC | Knowledge Capture and Transfer

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