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Filtration of Water for ReUse User Group

Case Study: "Water Filtration for ReUse"

Program Type - User Group - adjacent trade associations

Collaborators - The Water ReUse Association, Northwest Food Processors Association, Manufacturers Extension Partnership

Circumstance - Treatment of waste streams has historically been focused on safe disposal, not on re-using the water.  High volume filtration of water for continual re-use has only  recently become practicable.  At this early stage, the array of choices presented to the user is in constant morph: new technologies, different modalities, new ways to mix and match techniques.  So, which product(s) to buy?  How long do you wait for these technologies to improve their ROI?  Or do you just deploy now?

Objective/Method -  We worked with our panelists to identify the 4 global equipment suppliers who had brought the most disruptive set of new technologies and new configurations to a ready-to-install state.  We also found 4 corresponding R&D projects, just entering the tech transfer stage, whose future products held the greatest promise for further improving the efficacy of the 4 commercial presenters.  We previewed these technologies and asked the audience to prioritize use cases for which budget to deploy already exists.  Finally, we coached the presenters to focus exclusively on these priority use cases.  (Don't give your normal trade show presentation.)    

Lasting Value -- More than 5% of the audience requested immediate selling conversations with one or more presentors. 40% of these requests were from industry sectors that the inventor/developers had not yet targeted, with use cases they were unaware of, but for which their solution was appropriate.    

It was a great pleasure to serve as panel for this fun and educational event.  Definitely would like to do it again and can recommend additional subject matter expert colleagues.  Many future topics to be considered, such as water vulnerability for sustainable business operation in the areas facing severe drought condition.  Hope we can do this again in the near future. Very much enjoy working with your team.

Eric Wu, P.E. | Sr. Consultant, Antea Group

I will re-amplify Eric’s comments and sentiment.  Your forum was probably the most professionally run (and I do not mean to blow smoke here) webinar series that I have encountered.  The analytics were superior to most if not all our industry associations, and I liked the dynamic you have established with panelists, vendors, and the government sponsored technologists.  Great job.  This gets top marks in my book.


Andrew L. Shea, Senior Vice President, Industrial Sector Director, HDR Engineering

My experience was outstanding. I was very impressed by the tight program and focus on addressing the pain-gain arena of industry for new technology. It is helpful to those in the technology development sector to have a close interaction with the marketplace to ensure that the full range of quality challenges in solutions are met during R&D.

Gregory Möller, Ph.D. | Professor of Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology, 
UI-WSU School of Food Science | Environmental Sciences Program

The University of Idaho-Washington State University

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Filtration of Water for ReUse User Group
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