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Experience We Use Most Days

Skip Sponsel

Skip Sponsel  Vice President


Experience: Director of Broadcasting for Minnesota Twins & Northstars

Relevance: TV production.  Our events are fun to watch.

Experience: Creator of Regional Ski Racing and Bike Racing Tours

Relevance: Our events had to Optimize the Ecosystem in order to provide a competition platform for the athletes, showcase for the venue, visibility & endorsement for equipment suppliers, market affinity vehicle for sponsors, and entertainment for the audience. 

Experience: Competitor, World Pro Ski Tour

Relevance:  Professional athletes observe, dissect, discuss, and apply each other's Best Practices on a daily basis.

Experience: Emerging Tech Accelerator LLC

Relevance: We adapted the high touch face-to-face methods developed at Intel Capital (see below) and made them virtual, with no travel required.  That made Fortune 500 outcomes affordable to much smaller companies.  The virtual/live techniques we created to build discovery, consensus, and prioritization on emerging technologies are the same techniques used in the case studies on this site.

Experience: Business Development for Intel Capital.

Relevance: We developed systematic, scalable methods for the world's 4,000 largest companies to become aware of Intel's portfolio of 400 emerging tech companies -- so that the big companies could decide which emerging technologies they wanted to implement or market.  We arranged 10s of thousands of meetings between buyers and sellers -- by first helping them discover that A.) the other existed and B.) a relationship might be mutually beneficial. Key tools were User Groups and Ecosystem Optimization  


Experience: Sales and marketing for the first commercial versions off Voice Mail, Voice Response, Email, Web.

Relevance: We accomplished rapid and total User Group adoption. Industry practice with new corporate voice mail systems was to just "turn it on" -- thus enraging the majority who did not want to talk to a machine.  Instead, we launched high ROI uses for small high-performing teams, and then shared their Best Practice success stories. The large body of nay-sayers would then voluntarily self-correct and want to adopt.


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